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Bank and Credit Union 1-Minute COVID Quiz

How Do You Score in Safeguarding Customers and Promoting Digital Banking?

Take the 1-Minute COVID Quiz to Find Out


During this pandemic, financial institutions (FIs) are making impressive efforts to safeguard retail customers and promote digital banking. Ten industry best practices are listed in the following table.

The goal of this article is to check those boxes that your FI is achieving. Then find out your FI’s score.*

10 Financial Institutions Industry Best Practices

Ensuring SafetyExamplesPromoting Digital BankingExamples
 Attention Grabbing Instructions COVID messaging on the sidewalk outside the branch. No only signage but COVID messages are posted in the ATM foyer  Attention Grabbing Signage Messaging encouraging digital banking is found at the branch entrance, in front of tellers and on TV screens
 Piggy Backing on Customer Monitoring Staff person, who monitors customers entering the branch, also inquires about the customer’s health and opens the door for them.  Piggy Backing on Customer Monitoring Staff person, who monitors customers entering the branch, also encourages digital banking to save time and avoid going to a branch.
 Social Distancing Maximized Customers have to go to the back of the branch and wait until they are called in.  Reassure That Digital Banking Is Secure Branch staff explain in detail how personal information and transactions are fully protected.
 Well Stocked with Hand Sanitizers Sanitizers are also placed on the table in the waiting area in addition to the ATM foyer and in front of tellers.  Tutorials Tellers have been instructed to ask customers if they’d like to schedule a tutorial to learn more about digital banking.
 Masks for Customers Disposable masks are made available to customers.  Tip Sheets Handouts on how to make the most out of digital banking are displayed in front of tellers.


* Number of boxes checked = score

  • 9 or 10   = Excellent
  • 7 or 8     = Very good
  • 5 or 6     = Good
  • 1, 2 or 3 = Fair

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