Deep-Dive Mystery Shopping

We Go Deep

Whether uncovering competitor pricing audits, assessing complaint resolution, or pinpointing gaps in sales delivery, our shoppers report every detail of their experience. With these insights, we benchmark your organization’s performance against your competitor’s.


What Makes Our Research Outstanding?

1. We recruit shoppers who specifically fit the customer scenarios you require. (In automotive studies, we use shoppers who have worked in car dealerships, while in commercial banking shops, we recruit companies generating over $25 MM in annual sales.)

2. We are “Old School.” We verbally brief and debrief each shopper as well as encourage clients to speak to shoppers directly.

3. We blend CI, customer interviews and secondary research with the mystery shop findings to create greater understanding.

4. We incorporate hypothesis testing, SWOT and churn rate analysis.

5. We conduct pre-test shops to ensure the survey questions are precise and measurable.

6. After presenting final results, we conduct additional shops to fill gaps or clarify findings.