Competitive Intelligence

Confronted by a competitor threat? Short on analysis?

We fill your critical information gaps, assess this threat and provide recommendations to counter. Detailed and precise information that traditional research and marketing consultants are unable to provide.



Threat Assessment Ensure your marketing strategy is aligned with market disruptions by pinpointing how, when, and where a competitor will enter your market.
Resource Optimization Determine extent to which your resources measure up to competitors by benchmarking sales force size, training, marketing materials, and other critical elements.
Competitive Messaging Provide guidance for creation of effective messaging by identifying weaknesses in your competitors’ product and sales efforts.
Best Practices
Understand your competitor best practices, so you can incorporate them into your programs.


By rigorously investigating your competitor’s marketing/sales initiatives until you have a full understanding of their launch date, pricing strategies, alliances, sales force allocation, budget and other critical elements.

To ensure findings are reliable and detailed we draw from a range of sources:


Within Your Company Sales reps, market research, former employees
Your Alliances Ad agency; companies who co-market your product
Your Competitors Call centre, investor relations, corporate communications, suppliers to your competitor, brochures, welcome kits
Third Parties
Stock analysts, associations, wholesalers, customers
Social Media
Blogs, LinkedIn

We then reconstruct key elements of your competitor’s marketing plan using tools and analytics we have developed.