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Competitive Intelligence Training

Lunch & Learn

Competitive Intelligence lunch and learn training

This free mini-workshop provides tips and templates that can be quickly applied to your next study.

– Based on studies and training workshops we have completed over the past 30 years.

– Customized to your area of interest.

– Taught at your premises.



competitiver intelligence workshop training

Whether you need to counter a competitive threat or arm your sales reps with intelligence to win the sale, this full day, fast paced workshop will provide the tools and templates to do so.

Mini-cases are used to demonstrate how the concepts and techniques can be easily applied the day after you complete the course.

You will learn how to:

– Set up your CI program.

– Conduct CI ethically.

– Develop a network of primary, secondary and online sources.

– Use analytical tools to help interpret and synthesize data.

– How to Conduct a Competitive Intelligence Telephone Interview

– Write reports that are precise, thorough and actionable.

– Motivate your staff to collect CI.

– Protect sensitive information from being leaked to your competitors.

– Blend market research with CI.

– Create CI “Battle Cards” to help your sales reps win more business.

War Gaming

competitive intelligence training war gaming

Unlike other CI suppliers who follow a template approach and focus on strategic issues, we start from scratch and focus on both tactical and strategic issues.

This means we get down to the granular details of the competitor(s) so your team has the insight and motivation to create winning strategies to counter the threat you are facing.

You will learn how to:

– Anticipate the potential impact of competitor actions.

– Identify risks and threats to eliminate.

– Identify opportunities to exploit and obstacles to overcome to achieve success.

– Convert raw data into actionable CI.

– Break down communication barriers between various departments within your organization.