Competitive Intelligence

Our focus is tactical CI to help clients make well-informed decisions fast.


Competitor Threat Analysis
From uncovering competitor test markets and launch dates to gathering intelligence on new digital platforms and branch designs, we fill critical information gaps to help clients develop effective counter strategies.”

Competitor Benchmarking
To identify best practices to adopt and weaknesses to leverage, we will benchmark the client’s pricing, product features, incentives, and other offerings against the competitors.

Sales Win-Loss Analysis
To pinpoint why a client’s investment advisors are losing customers, we will extract insights from competitors, lapsed customers, and former employees.

Financial Services Mystery Shopping

We specialize in shops that require a very high level of detail, clarity, and analytics.


Business Banking
Evaluate your commercial banking advisors’ efforts to adhere to sales training standards.

Customer Onboarding
Incorporating Net Promoter Scores, assess how well your branch staff deliver a positive onboarding experience to new SBB customers.

Conduct a comprehensive review of your competitors’ sales efforts to attract foreign students and the programs they each offer.

Wealth Management
Provide feedback on your advisors’ efforts to promote investment products and planning services.