”/> For over 30 years we have been defining, providing and teaching competitive intelligence, mystery shopping and investigative market research.”/> What Makes Us Unique? – Market Alert Limited

What Makes Us Unique?

Competitive Interviewers and Shoppers Work Directly in Client Industries

To conduct healthcare interviews, we work with nurses, pharmacists and former pharmaceutical marketing research managers.

In mystery shopping research, we recruit shoppers with professional or business backgrounds including law professors, accountants, financial advisors, government compliance offers and territory sales managers.

Our Multi-layered Plan of Attack

We implement a multi-layered plan to benefit our clients with the most useful competitive intelligence possible.  Here are some examples;

  • Before starting the field research, we complete 2 pre-tests to ensure that our survey questions are thorough, clear and exact. 

  • Prior to submitting the final results, we provide 3 interim reports summarizing our most up-to-date findings. 

  • After submitting the final results, we conduct additional interviews or mystery shopping research at no extra cost to answer any further questions

Advanced Analytics

Market Alert excels in analytics. In fact, we are the ones who developed “Data Verification Analysis” and “Data Cell Screening”, tools that are now considered the industry standards in Canadian competitive intelligence.

We also pioneered “Blending”, which is an integration of focus groups and customer journey mapping into the competitive intelligence and mystery shopping research results.