War Gaming: Wind Turbine Manufacturer Needs Direction to Plan Market Entry


A  European wind turbine company needed to develop a successful strategy to expand into North America. This meant a thorough understanding of how market influencers would react to their entry.   A war gaming exercise would help fast track their business plans and provide measures to take against these market forces.


  • Created teams, each representing a key market group  (competitor, customer, government and renewable energy association).
  • Simulated various market influencers: a) customer purchase behaviors, b) competitor pricing strategies, c) support by various renewable energy associations and d) impact of government legislation.
  • Tested 3 entry strategies (focus on commercial market, target both residential and commercial markets or hire a distributor to sell their product).


Through role playing, the team members gained an intuitive understanding of the market influencers and how each of the entry strategies could play out. This laid the foundation for a winning strategy.