Mystery Shopping – Helping a Courier Client Improve Store Revenue


A courier client had recently set up distribution of their Priority World-Wide (“PWW”) shipping service through a major drug store chain.

Revenues from the new channel up were significantly lower than anticipated.

The courier client asked us to find out why.


  • Developed a hypothesis to be tested through face-to-face mystery shops:
  • Created scenarios (e.g., “shoppers” were told to ship an envelope overseas. The package would either have the receiver’s phone number missing OR contain restricted items, such as food or cash) to pinpoint Drug Store employee oversights.
  • Shopped 5% of outlets.


A myriad of issues were discovered, including those that involved the Drug Store employees, as hypothesized:

  • Not displaying PWW posters or counter cards.
  • Lacking important knowledge, such as knowing weight limits or that multiple packages cannot be shipped using a single PWW airway bill.
  • Failing to notice that information was missing from the PWW airway bill.
  • Allowing restricted items to be sent in the packages.
  • Discouraging shoppers from using  PWW, despite the request for this service.

The courier client used these findings to have the drug store employees attend an intensive, one day training program.

THREE months after the training program was completed, PWW sales increased 15%. By the end of NINE months, PWW sales were up 38% – in line with the courier client’s revenue goals.


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